About us

Better Care Together is enabling clinicians, NHS and local authority staff, patients and carers to develop new ways of caring for local people. 

The partnership includes the five NHS organisations and three principal local authorities in LLR, and it was formed in 2014.

These organisations are working together to improve services making them sustainable for future generations. 

How We Work

Within Better Care Together, teams of staff from the NHS and local authorities, patients, carers and stakeholders are organised into workstreams.

Some have a clinical focus, such as primary care, urgent care or planned care, while others work on those aspects of the health and care system that enable everything else to happen, like finance, capital, information management and technology.

The full list of workstreams can be found here.

Improving Services for Patients

The approach adopted by Better Care Together has led to significant improvements in existing services.

It has demonstrated how we can deliver better outcomes for patients, while providing them more efficiently and also reducing pressure on parts of the NHS that feel particular strain, e.g. hospitals and the emergency department.

“I am proud of the progress we have made to date through Better Care Together, but we need to go much further as we are determined to provide the best possible quality of health and social care. I strongly support the Better Care Together Plan as a way forward to make LLR one of the best health and care systems in the country.” Professor Mayur Lakhani, Leicestershire GP.