Speaking your language

We try to make sure that we use language that everyone will understand. When we are writing for the public we try to avoid using jargon, but sometimes we have to use it because, for example it is the name of a group or organisation. Some documents that are intended for internal use are also made public: these are likely to contain more jargon and acronyms. To help you to understand some of the common words and phrases that we use in Better Care Together we have put together a short glossary. 

The NHS Confederation has developed a comprehensive acronym buster for lots of health and social care words and phrases. 

A&E – Accident and emergency, also known as ED

ACSC - Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions

Acute care/services – Acute care is for patients who need specialist support and treatment which cannot be provided in the community.

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder

AHP - Allied Health Professional

APHO - Association of Public Health Observatories

ASC – Adult Social Care

AT - Area Team

Arden & GEM CSU – Arden and Great East Midlands Commissioning Support Unit

BC – Business case. This sets out the reasons for starting the programme.

BCF – Better Care Fund. The BCF brings together resources from the NHS and local authorities together.

BCT – Better Care Together

CAMHS – Children and Adolescents Mental Health Service

CCG – Clinical commissioning group. Clinical commissioning groups plan and design local health services. They do this by “commissioning” or buying health and care services from other organisations from within the NHS and other providers of care.

CCM - Chronic Care Model

CEO – Chief Executive Officer

CEPN - Community Education Provider Network

CFO – Chief financial officer

CHF - Chronic Heart Failure 

CHS - Community Health Services

City CCGLeicester City Clinical Commissioning Group

CLG – Clinical Leadership Group. The CLG provides senior clinical leadership for the BCT plan.

CMHT – Community Mental Health Team

COO – Chief Operating Officer

COPD - Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

CSU – Commissioning Support Unit

CVD - Cardiovascular Disease

DB – Delivery board. The delivery board comprises senior officers from Better Care Together partner organisations. It leads and reviews the delivery of the Better Care Together plan.

DH - Department of Health

DTOC - Delayed Transfer of Care

ECG - Electrocardiograph

ECP - Emergency Care Practitioner 

ED – Emergency Department

EIA - Equality Impact Assessment

ELC - Experience Led Commissioning

ELR - East Leicestershire and Rutland

ELR CCGEast Leicestershire and Rutland Clinical Commissioning Group

EMASEast Midlands Ambulance Service

EMCHC - East midlands Congenital Heart Centre

ENT - Ear Nose and Throat

EOLCS - End of Life Care Strategy

EPR – Electronic patient record

FOIFreedom of Information. The Freedom of Information Act allows anyone to ask for information held by public sector organisations.  

GEH - George Eliot Hospital 

GEM - Greater East Midlands (CSU)

GGH – Glenfield General Hospital 

GH - Glenfield Hospital 

GP - General Practitioner

GP Federation – A federation is a group of GP practices and primary care teams working together and sharing responsibility for developing and delivering services for their local communities. 

GPwSI – General Practitioner with Special Interests

H&B - Hinckley & Bosworth

HEEM - Health Education East Midlands

HCA - Health Care Assistant

HCSW - Health Care Support Workers

HOSC – Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee. HOSCs scrutinise (check) local health services and plans provided by the NHS and local authorities. There are HOSCs in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

HNN - Health Needs Neighbour

HW – Healthwatch. Healthwatch is a statutory body which makes sure that the public’s voices are health and listened to by people who commission and deliver services. There are three groups in LLR, Healthwatch Leicester CityHealthwatch Leicestershire, and Healthwatch Rutland.

HWB – Health and Wellbeing Board. HWBs allow key leaders from the health and care system in a local area to work together to improve the health and wellbeing of the people living there.

ICS - Intensive Community Support cares for people in their own homes, rather than them having to be admitted to hospital for care

ICRS  Integrated Crisis Response Service. A multi-disciplinary service including GPs, district nurses, occupational therapists, dieticians and social care which provides up to 72 hours of care in patients' own homes to enable people to leave hospital more quickly or prevent them from being admitted to hospital.

ICT - Integrated Care Teams

ICU - Intensive Care Unit

IG – Information Governance

IL – Implementation Lead

IM&T – Information, Management and Technology

ITU - Intensive Treatment Unit 

JAG - Joint Advisory Group

JSNA - Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

KPI – Key Performance Indicator

LAs – Local Authorities. The LA partners in Better Care Together are Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council and Rutland County Council.

LCCCG - Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group

Left shift – The term left shift means the move from acute care through community and primary care to social care. 

LGH – Leicester General Hospital

LHSCE - Leicestershire Health and Social Care Economy

LLTIC - Lessons Learned to Improve Care

LLR – Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland

LMC – Local Medical Committee

LPTLeicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

LRI – Leicester Royal Infirmary

LTC - Long Term Condition

MD – Managing Director

MDT - Multi-Disciplinary Team

MHA - Mental Health Act

MHFA - Mental Health First Aid

MLU  Midwifery Led Unit 

NHS - National Health Service

NHSE - NHS England (Leads the NHS in Englnad, setting priorities and direction for NHS)

NHSI - NHS Improvement (Support foundation trusts and NHS trusts to give patients consistently safe, high quality, compassionate care within local health systems that are financially sustainable)

NICE - National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 

NTDA - National Trust Development Authority 

OOH - Out of Hours

PCT - Primary Care Trust

PFI - Public Finance Initiative

PHE - Public Health England

PICU - Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit

PILS – Patient Information and Liaison Service

PB – Partnership Board. The Partnership Board is responsible for setting, ensuring the delivery of and reporting on the Better Care Together programme. It is chaired by an independent lay person and has membership from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland social care and health commissioners and providers.

PIDProject Initiation Document.  A document which sets out the approach to the BCT plan.

PMO – Programme Management Office

PPG – Public Participation Group

PPI – Public and Patient Involvement

Primary Care – the first point of contact for people in the health care system. As well as GPs it includes dental practices, pharmacies, optometrists and practice nurses.

PSAU - Place of Safety Assessment

SOCStrategic outline case

SPA – Single Point of Access

SRO – Senior Responsible Officer. The person(s) who are responsible for making sure that the different parts of the BCT plan are developing and will be delivered.

STP – Sustainable Transformation Plan

TDATrust Development Authority  

UCC - Urgent Care Centre

UHLUniversity Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

VCFS – Voluntary, Community and Faith Sector

WHO - World Health Organisation 

WLCCGWest Leicestershire Clinical Commissioning Group