Citizens' Panel

 Coming soon – opportunity to get involved through a new online Citizens’ Panel

NHS and social care partners in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland are committed to getting more people involved in the discussion on healthcare services provided locally.

There are many ways that people and communities are already involved through:

  • Attending public events, exhibitions and fairs
  • Talking to us through their voluntary and community group
  • Talking to us at workshops, conferences and meetings
  • Completing surveys and questionnaires both online and offline
  •  Talking to us on social media
  • Face-to-face interviews and focus groups
  • Reading newsletters and magazines
  • The media including newspapers, radio and TV
  • Through videos


We are just developing an additional exciting opportunity to gathering feedback from people on a range of health and care issues.  We are forming a Citizens’ Panel - an online group in the main, to enable local people to get involved in through polls, questionnaires and surveys.  Depending on their personal interests, people will have the chance to get involved in focus groups to discuss a range of health and care services that really matter to them.

The Citizens’ Panel will be launched in the autumn, so watch this space for further information on how to join the Panel and get involved.