Healthier In Mind

Feeling healthy is about body and mind. Mental health is about how healthy our mind is.

Sometimes we feel healthy and happy, sometimes we feel sad and worried.

There are times that we can feel very mentally unwell.

Together we need to talk about our mental health, support each other in our community, and improve the services to better provide help to people when they need it.


The results are in!

Everybody has mental health. We know we haven’t always got support for mental health right and we need to make it better. The Healthier In Mind campaign was launched in June this year to ask people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland what matters most to them so that we can all work better together to improve local support. Around 800 people shared their views, and a further 100 attended a special event to discuss the results on 27 September at the NSPCC.

Attendees were given the opportunity to vote on which feedback they connected with the most, to share their mental health stories, and participate in a range of interactive activities. Their feedback is currently being collated and will be shared in the next Healthier In Mind newsletter. 


What were the results of the survey?

These are the results of the main survey, completed by 794 people across LLR.

We asked:

Thinking about your mental health, if you were to feel unwell, what would make the biggest difference to you?

In order of preference, you said:

       When I need it, I want someone to talk to who listens to me and does not judge me.

       I am able to easily find out what help is available and access services quickly which are convenient to me.

       Having support from friends, family and people in my community for me and my family.

       I want people to understand me and my mental health and not judge me.

       I need a flexible understanding work place that supports me to get the help that I need.

We asked:

Thinking about your mental health, if you felt unwell, what would you need most from local services like the NHS, Council, or Voluntary sector?

You said:

We asked:

What would help the mental health of your community?

In order of preference, you said:

       Knowing where to and getting timely and easier access to support.

       Activities and opportunities that bring people together to interact with one another.

       Things to do and places to go nearby that are safe and affordable.

       I want to be understood and not judged.

What next?

New strategy

The Healthier In Mind project team is working with the Better Care Together Mental Health Partnership Board to draft a mental health strategy for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, that reflects this feedback. We will be sharing this for local people to comment upon by the end of this year.

Shaping local services

In the meanwhile, feedback from the survey and stories from the event will be shared with all local public sector, NHS and voluntary sector organisations so that they can use it to shape local service improvements. We will share some of these stories in the next newsletter.


Get involved

If you would like to be involved in co-designing improvements in mental health support for local people then please share your details with us so that we can invite you to future engagement activity. Email us now at Healthier.InMind@nhs.net

Join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #HealthierInMind