Get involved in redesigning community health services

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, the people who plan and buy health services, have started a conversation with people asking them about their experiences of community health services including  community nursing, intensive community support services and therapies.

Over the last few months we have been gathering people’s real experience of community services provided by Leicester Partnership NHS Trust, whether they are patients, carers, and health and care professionals. 

We have shared what we have learnt so far about experiences of the service and what matters most to people at a number of workshops.  We are also sharing what is happening to review community services and how all of this information is contributing and influencing our thinking about how services could look in the future. 

During the events we worked together with people to share insights and hear how they resonated.  We also talked through proposals for community services and ask for views. Please click on the following link to access the presentation slides

The outcome of the workshops and other conversations we are having with people are being analysed and evaluated in order to assist the CCGs to put together a future plan of what community services should look like.  This will ensure they are integrated with other health and care services and improve the outcomes and health and wellbeing of patients and their family carers. 

We would like to thank everyone for their involvement so far. The insights report will be shared in the next few weeks and the final report shared in May 2019, when the current analysis and evaluation is complete.

What are community services?

Community health services cover a wide range of care, from supporting patients to manage long-term conditions like complex diabetes or respiratory conditions to treating those who are seriously ill with complex conditions.

Most community healthcare takes place in people’s homes or other out of hospital healthcare settings like GP practices. This is supported by care in community hospitals, with teams of nurses and therapists co-ordinating care and working with GPs and social care professionals.

Community health services also provide preventative and health improvement services, often working with GP practices, local councils and the community and voluntary sector.

Which services are involved?

CCGs are responsible for planning and funding local healthcare services. Under plans to transform local healthcare set out under Better Care Together, we are currently considering transformation possibilities for the following services to deliver greater levels of integrated care in or around people’s homes:

A range of services are included as part of the redesign work:

  • District nursing services – which provide home-based patients with ongoing nursing care for long-term conditions or end-of-life care, with treatments such as wound care and continence care
  • Intensive Community Support (ICS) – a ‘virtual ward’ providing healthcare services in a patient’s own home
  • Community hospital beds (including stroke beds)
  • Community physiotherapy services (not including MSK physiotherapy)
  • Community stroke rehabilitation service
  • Primary care co-ordinators – who work in hospitals to support staff to help get patients home as quickly as possible once they are ready to leave hospital