The BCT plan

Better Care Together aims to reshape the provision of health services in LLR by integrating the activities of NHS organisations and local authorities to improve outcomes for patients, and to deliver care more efficiently.

The health and care system in LLR must adapt to changing and increasing demand, driven by a growing and ageing population with increasing numbers of people living with long-term and complex conditions. If we do nothing, costs will rise and the quality of care will decline as the existing system is placed under greater strain.

A draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan for LLR was released in 2016. It set out proposals to provide better care for people in their homes and communities while reducing the number of emergency admissions and attendances at acute hospitals, which are responsible for the efficient delivery of high quality specialist care.

The Next Steps publication

It is important to update local people and partners on the work that is being done by the Better Care Together partners.  This is why we will publish the Better Care Together Next Steps document in July.

Better Care Together goals

  • Keep more people well and out of hospital
  • Move care closer to home
  • Provide care in a crisis
  • Deliver high quality specialist care 

In order to achieve these goals, we will have to transform how we deliver services in LLR to create a health and care system fit for the future.

A system fit for the future

  • NHS organisations and local authorities will work more closely together
  • Making better use of technology
  • Develop our workforce
  • Working more efficiently
  • Making better use of sites and buildings 

We are  listening to patients' views

The draft Sustainability and Transformation Plan for LLR was subject to two periods of significant engagement in 2015 and again in 2016/17, when the draft document was published. The views expressed by patients, the public and stakeholders have shaped the work we are now doing.

Key documents  

The Programme Initiation Document sets out the policy of the Partnership Board for the management of the BCT Programme. Over its development, comment and input have been received from EY, the BCT Clinical Reference Group, Public and Patient Group, Implementation Group, senior Finance staff and Chief Officers covering both health and social care.

The Strategic Outline Case (SOC) sets out the business case for the BCT Programme as being the preferred way forward to deliver the plans set out in LLR the Five Year Plan published in June 2014. The SOC is designed to be a 'wrapper' for all the future transformation business cases which will be required for the system to realise its vision. It has been developed and reviewed by external consultants EY through the BCT Partnership Chief Officers, Delivery Group and Finance officers groups.

Better care together five-year plan 2014 This document provided a blueprint for the development of health and social care services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Draft STP plan for LLR November 2016 The draft plan was the subject of extensive engagement with the public and patients. Feedback on this document highlighted some important changes we need to make. A Next Steps for Better Care Together document will be published in July. 

"Our plan has been developed with clinicians across LLR, who understand the needs of local people, and with feedback from patients about what they expect. Our plan means that we will need to do things in a different way, encourage people to make better informed healthcare decisions and be more responsible for their own healthcare. Hospital is not the right place for everyone, some people can be better treated in the community.” Dr Nicholas Scott, deputy head of service, Emergency Department, Leicester Royal Infirmary.