Our work aims to improve prevention of cancer, improve early diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and enable people to live well with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. The one-year survival rate for cancer in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland varies from 67% to 73%. This means that of all people who have cancer, 67% to 73% are living one year after diagnosis. We want to improve diagnosis and treatment so that all areas are as good as the best performing. Furthermore, we want to achieve the national target of 75% by 2020.


Future plans

Our plans include:

  • Reducing known risk factors for cancer in our population such as helping people stop smoking
  • Improving the early detection of cancer – ensuring better outcomes for patients and making best use of NHS resources
  • Implementing the nationally agreed rapid assessment and diagnostic testing for lung, prostate and colorectal cancers
  • Providing a dedicated multi-site facility for clinical radiology, diagnostic radiography and sonography – all ways of obtaining images of the body to help obtain a diagnosis.