NHS need for change

The NHS faces unprecedented demand for health services, which is making it harder to deliver high quality care and control costs.

There is a need to redesign care in an era of chronic health conditions and new technologies.

Better Care Together partners in LLR including clinicians, NHS and local authority staff and patients, are working together to provide safe, high quality care in a sustainable way.

“If care can be provided in primary care, close to home, it should be. There are lots of benefits for patients. It is nearer and more convenient for them. It can be quicker and safer because they do not go to hospital, where they may be exposed to infections and the financial overheads are a lot less.” Dr Chris Trzcinski, Leicestershire GP

Increased demand for health and care services

The growing pressure on the NHS comes from:

Increased demand – a growing and ageing population with more long-term and complex conditions

Models of care – when the NHS was founded 70 years ago care tended to be a ‘one-off’ event; now it can be an ongoing process where someone suffers from a long-term condition

Inefficient buildings

Staff recruitment and retention

Advances in medical treatment

NHS Funding

In the face of rising demand, we will spend more on health and care in LLR during the next five years. However, if we carry on as we are in terms of how we currently deliver care, the costs of providing health and care in LLR will rise more quickly.

If we stay as we are:

  • Health outcomes will deteriorate
  • Ageing buildings and duplication of services will undermine care
  • The quality and safety of care will suffer, while costs rise


Meeting the challenge

The Better Care Together partners aim to meet these challenges and find solutions to manage the increase in demand for health services by doing things differently.

The changes proposed will improve the care of patients in LLR the health and care system in LLR will return to financial balance allowing us to plan properly for the care local people need.

Better Care Together partners will:

Deliver better care by improving strengthening primary, integrated and urgent care to support Home First approach for patients with long term conditions; shift services out of hospitals into the community: Impactmeasured by new health outcomes framework.

Invest £829.6 million, subject to approval of the business case, to tackle the maintenance backlog and modernise hospitals and community facilities to secure safe, high quality care for years to come.

Shift care into the community relieving pressure on expensive hospitals; undertake major reorganisation of hospitals to remove waste and duplication; improve efficiency through modernising some facilities and closing others.

Return the LLR NHS system to financial balance 2023/24