Better Care Together Partnership

Expert clinicians, NHS and social care staff and patient representatives in LLR have been working hard on virtually every aspect of the local care system to improve the delivery of healthcare in our area.  

Better Care Together, which was set up in 2014, has already delivered many improvements to services and much more are planned. 

This work was part of a national initiative to produce what were called Sustainability and Transformation Plans (or STPs for short) for 44 areas across the country. The STP in LLR was known as Better Care Together.

National policy has refocused STPs, moving the emphasis from being about producing plans to concentrating on ongoing partnership working to improve services and care for patients.  

A Better Care Together next steps to better care in LLR describes the progress we have made to deliver improvements.  It also outlines the next steps for improving health and care for the local population, while meeting the challenges we face now and in the future..

The initial draft STP plan for LLR was published in November 2016