Integrated Community Specialist Palliative Care Service

What are we doing?

The Integrated Community Specialist Palliative Care (ICSPC) service brings together existing provision in LOROS and Leicestershire Partnership Trust by aligning of provision, shared leadership, shared training and consistent care offers across LLR to deliver palliative care. 

About the new service

The service is for patients who require specialist palliative care. It provides timely access to individualised care and support, responding to the changing needs of patients with multiple morbidities or complex needs. 

Referrals are triaged, and care is coordinated through a Co-ordination Centre, ensuring patients receive care based on individual clinical need and are responded to by the most appropriate health care professional in a timely manner. 

Next steps

The next phase of integration will entail ICSPC service staff (both LOROS and LPT staff) working from one of the eight Primary Care Hubs in the community, enabling them to better meet the needs of the community. Further information on this will follow.

Teams will be aligned to groups of Primary Care Networks (PCNs) through ‘hub’ structures consistent with community nursing and therapy provision, increasing the team relationships between specialist nurses and generalist teams, thus supporting a more integrated and joined up service offer for patients.

Stay in the loop

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