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Complete the survey now and let us know what you think of the proposals

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Completing the survey

We want to know what you think about the proposals for changing acute and maternity services. You can tell us by completing this online questionnaire. Make sure you have your say before the consultation ends on 21 December 2020. 

Online questionnaire

You can complete the online questionnaire here 

Questionnaire for downloading

You can download the questionnaire here and send it back to us before the consultation ends on 21 December 2020. 

Please Note: We would like to thank people for feeding back their experiences of completing the consultation questionnaire.  In response to people who made suggestions for improving the experience we have made some minor modifications to the layout of the questionnaire online which were implemented on 23 October 2020. The changes in no way alter the questions – words or the number of questions. We hope people will find it much easier and faster to complete. Once again thank you for helping us to improve our consultation.