Key documents and links

Consultation documents

Our consultation document is available in several formats. As well as the full consultation document there is also a shorter, summary guide.

Versions of the full consultation document are available in other languages, easy read format, large print and html.

After you’ve discovered more information about the proposals, we would encourage you to complete the consultation questionnaire.


The following audio has been produced to promote the consultation and explain the details of the proposals:


Strategies and plans

Our proposals for making changes to hospitals in Leicester and to midwifery-led services in Melton Mowbray are based on both local and national strategies and plans. You can read more about the local and national policies and plans in the documents shown below. 

  • NHS Long Term Plan (Jan 2019): sets out national priorities and plans
  • Better Care Together strategy: shows how organisations in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland will work together to achieve our plans
  • Leicester Hospitals’ five-year plan: sets out the strategy for University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (Caring at its best Five Year Plan below)

Previous reconfiguration discussions

In this section you will find all the documents and links that are relevant to the consultation. To help you find what you need, you can use the links below to take you to each section: