Personalised Care - People Living with and Beyond Cancer

Every patient diagnosed with cancer will be offered a Holistic Needs Assessment, which means that we look at their needs as a whole person. Each patient then receives a Care Plan, which is designed around what’s important to them, and information on services which they would like to know about.   

  • Holistic Needs Assessments (HNA)  – promoting HNAs for people living with bowel, prostate, lung and breast cancers to lead to a care plan which looks at the whole person and what’s important to them
  • Treatment summaries – Ensuring GPs receive up to date information about your cancer treatment in hospital 
  • Cancer Care Review – working with GPs to improve the quality of cancer care reviews for people living with and beyond cancer in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland 
  • Health and Wellbeing Support  – looking at ways to provide advice, support and information to people living with cancer in the community