How is this being funded?

Architect's impression of how the day surgery admissions reception would look in the new treatment centre proposed for Glenfield Hospital

Our proposals to reconfigure the hospitals requires major investment. We were unable to undertake this consultation without having first received confirmation of the funding in principle from Government.

We have now received a commitment for the £450 million funding needed to help us to turn our proposals into a reality – subject to the outcome of this consultation.

Vacated land and buildings at Leicester General Hospital would be freed up and sold for affordable housing developments which we hope key workers would be attracted to. This is in line with national policy. The money from the sale of the land and buildings would be reinvested into the hospitals.

Further detailed financial information can be viewed as part of the pre-consultation business case. 

Additional information is available in the City Development Plan

An architect's impression of how a birthing room would look in the proposed maternity hospital at Leicester Royal Infirmary